Early Bird discount code - use "EARLY-BIRD" to get 25% off
Early Bird discount code - use "EARLY-BIRD" to get 25% off

NPC & IFBB Stagephotos

Official NPC & IFBB Pro Show stage photos/videos

On the Euro Muscle Show Pro-Qualifier and Pro Show the exclusive media partner for the NPC Benelux (https://newage.media) Will be responsible for the Stage content and the livestreaming. 

The stagephotos and videos on this event will be made by Richard Broekhuijzen (https://www.instagram.com/bphotographynl/) and Twan Sipma (https://www.instagram.com/twanissphotography/). Without a doubt two of the Netherlands most famous Fitness photographers. 

How to purchase your stage content?

THE ONLY PLACE! You can purchase the official stage content is during the Weigh-in and/or registration of the Bodybuilding Show. Here amongst the NPC officials you will find New Age Media staff ready to help you. 

There is no registration beforehand as we use your stagenumbers to sort and deliver the media. 

Competitor Content Package - €121,-

INcludes. All stagephotos and posing routine/I walk video

What payment options are available?

We offer card and cash payments. (Almost all PIN, Debit and Credit Cards are accepted.) Often there is a special cash discount so for many athletes this is the preferred payment method. 

Where can I find the livestreaming?

The button below will bring you to the NPC Benelux website where you can find the livestreaming and more information about the livestream. You can purchase your livestream ticket right in the viewer once the event starts. 


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