Early Bird discount code - use "EARLY-BIRD" to get 25% off
Early Bird discount code - use "EARLY-BIRD" to get 25% off

What’s On

Immerse yourself in Europe’s leading multi-sport festival!

Embark on a thrilling journey as you witness over 1,500 competitors pushing their limits across a great number of sports. It will be an adrenaline-fuelled spectacle with 100 trade exhibitions and over 100 live contests!

Delve into the minds of champions at our Pro-Athlete Conference, and buy the latest products from over 100 exhibitors in the Euro Muscle Expo.

Here are some reasons to come along to the show:

Live Sports

Over 100 live contests will take place including: Boxing, Strongman, MMA, Powerlifting, Euro Fitness Games, Bodybuilding.

Trade Show

Machines, Supplements, Gym Wear, Technology


Live Q&A, Interviews, Knowledge, Debates

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